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We've been meaning to start an Alternative Living blog for some time. We're not nutters in the American Rockies, living in a shack, plotting the downfall of Western Civilisation. The west can handle its own downfall without any intervention. No, we live in South Kerry, Ireland. We just care more than the average selfish westerner so moved here to run a one acre farm. We've been here for almost two years (but just the one year at the farm) and have a lot to share with you.

In this blog we will share all our research with you, absolutely free. We're not one of those people who want to profit from green issues as that just seems totally against the whole ethos of what we are doing. It's in our interest for people to do like us and quickly. We left the money grabbing world of The City of London for a better life. Why should we bring our greedy ways with us?

If you have a question. Fire away.

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chance said...

thank you for posting this blog I like it a lot it's my escape from the grind of work and a busy life. I go home every day a ask the wife, " when are we gonna do that"