Cutting the grass

Yesterday, I was cutting grass with a lawnmower and didn't notice a frog until after I had sliced it in two. I tried to pick it up but it let out a "yelp!" as I did so. It was still alive so I did the decent thing and finished it off with a spade.

Today, I decided to use my scythe. The grass is knee high and for long grass the scythe is far quicker than the lawnmower. It is also frog friendly and I helped one of my little green friends find a patch I wasn't going to cut.

With an acre of land, about two thirds of it under grass, cutting it all in one go would take a whole week of doing nothing else and besides I don't have the space in my four composting bins.

Instead, I have the acre split into four separate fields. One is never cut as I am gradually growing a small wood there. The other three fields are cut in rotation. I like to leave some areas long and just cut a pathway through it with the lawnmower. This allows nature to thrive. I don't see what others see in lawns with millimetre high grass. Nothing can live in a millimetre of grass. I take as much grass as my compost bins can handle and no more.

Some areas of grass are rough cut with the scythe and then cut down to about two inches with the lawnmower. This grass is composted. The areas I don't cut is inhabited by frogs, hares (including Hartley who should stick to what I provide for him!) and the odd pheasant.

It is so much more satisfying seeing insects, mammals, amphibians and birds living in my grassland. The other houses in my township have billiard table lawns and I ask them, "Why not cut out a piece of green cardboard, stick it on your window and look at that? It's equally as sterile as your lawn!"

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Crazy Eddy said...

Perhaps invest in a couple of sheep to do your mowing for you.