Green taxes, sensible thinking

The UK opposition Conservative Party plans a rethink about taxes with cuts in council tax, VAT and National Insurance but with increased taxation of air travel and fuel hungry cars. As I have always said, to tax is to burden and people should be burdened for doing things we don't want them to do.

Tories plan radical green transport tax


Fred Titmus said...

Doesn't a 300% tax on fuel already tax gas hungry cars?

James said...

That tax is paid by all.

If everyone can afford the 300% then it isn't enough for the wealthier people driving their tanks.

A cup of oil (without the tax) costs less than a cup of coffee. You get an awful lot for the price of oil. It's about time we started paying the true price for a commodity that will become increasingly harder to find.

Fred Titmus said...

It is not paid by all equally, it is paid according to how much of it you use, surely that should be your preferred method of taxation.

Expensive, large engined cars use many more gallons than crappy little Corrolas, therefore pay much more in tax.