Raining again

After a week or so of fine weather, that permitted me to paint most of the house exterior, it's raining again. Today, I concreted in a new output pipe for the septic tank, pruned back the blackberry bushes and took a small harvest of blackberries to make some smoothies with. Just a few sups for me. Too much of that fresh fruit makes me vom.

I have been invited to crew a yacht that will be cruising down to Cork. Still mulling it over. I like sailing but I like doing the things I'm working on at the moment. There are plenty of onions, carrots and potatoes coming out of the ground. I have more fish to catch before the Mackerel migrate again. There is also a box of broken (but still usable) solar cells next to me and I'd like to build a small solar panel to see what I can do with it.

Back to the sailing. Our little group is having its annual race next month. We built twelve replica boats three years ago so we could race under similar conditions. Though the hulls are all the same, everyone has been altering them. Some have added to the undersides with some having centreboards and others having lea boards.

The sails are quite contentious too. Most people had sails made to the exact specifications from Dacron. I made my sail out of a polytarp. That wasn't minded. It's the fact that it's about 25% larger than all the others that causes problems. That's as maybe but it's a flat sail, held together with carpet tape that flaps around in the wind like a big flag. I must make a new one. I almost won last year but the wind dropped and the second place sailor waggled his rudder as an oar better than I did.

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