Banning the incandescent lightbulb

Australia is taking the first steps to ban incandescent light bulbs thus saving on electricity generation.

There is an e-petition here to enforce a tax on incandescent bulbs in the UK but an outright ban would be better. Especially, a ban on those people who like to illuminate their houses so that astronauts can see it.

BBC - Australia pulls plug on old bulbs


beano said...

It'd probably be more productive to put a ban on external Christmas lights and/or excessive tack associated with the festive season. It's already the time of year when the most energy is used even without this extra burden.

James said...

Tell people that it's all or nothing. Put up any decoration and it's off to church with you.

Not just for Christmas but every Sunday from now on. That'll soon put a stop to Winterval or whatever Tony's revisionist cohorts call it now.