Bird flu cases on the increase

Cases of H5N1 bird flue are on the increase, creating more opportunities for the virus to mutate into a human communicable form.

Medicine is more advanced than during the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918-20 so I am not overly worried about a mass die off. The world's population in 1918 was a fraction of what it is today and the population has more than bounced back.

Still, poultry farmers have to kill all their birds to prevent the virus being passed on to other farms. In the case of battery farms this results in tens of thousands of birds being killed.

Let's hope that the general bird population does not become highly infected and that smallholders aren't devastated. It's a good advertisement for less intensive farming when you see over 100,000 turkeys being culled.

When H5N1 or some other strain does mutate then there could well be many deaths but no mass extinction. This is just mass hysteria generated by the media. Islam, bird flu and anything else that can possibly harm us are just magnifications to keep us in a state of fear and controllable by the state.

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