The real inconvenient truth is

Last year Al Gore used as much electricity in his mansion as I would use in 150 years.

Al Gore 221,000 kWh - Me 1,342 kWh

Surely this must make him the ideal candidate for president of the United States of Waste.


Andy in San Diego said...

Wow! To both numbers!

Where did Gore's number come from?

Andy in San Diego said...

Ah, now I see the link The Good Life news blog.

Never mind.

Janis Mara said...

I think it's good that he's getting called on this and I hope he responds by making changes to prove his sincerity. I still think he has done great stuff to publicize the environmental cause.

Silver said...

Just goes to show that most governments and their officials around the world like to talk the talk, but they will never walk the walk.

Inconvenient Truth, was just a guilt trip for Joe Public, to try and make people spend money on 'greening' there lives, therefore putting more money into the 'Upper Class' coffers and NOT to actually help decrease the effect on the environment.

If the 'Upper Class' were actually interested in decreasing the negative effect on the environment then governments around the world would clamp down on corporations, who are the real bad boys when it comes to having the most negative effect on the environment.

James said...

It's good that anyone promotes green issues but there is a them and us issue.

When you move capital from one place to another then there are always people creaming off a percentage for themselves.

In many ways green and organic goods are just another product line for capitalists to make money with.

Paper log rollers? Who needs one? Make it yourself but certainly don't buy one.

Water butts for collecting rainwater? Find a plastic barrel. Don't buy one.

Self-reliance is about producing as much as you can yourself and/or cutting consumption.

Many people jumping on the green bandwagon are just shifting their capital from one market to another.

Many green and organic goods are just as wasteful. Supermarket organics are packaged in plastic, are marketed and have travelled in trucks too.

This rant needs a blog post of its own.