Second warmest recorded UK winter

Now, the first thing the sceptics say is, "Statistical outlier!" Yes, there are warmer than usual and colder than usual winters. It's the trend line that counts. If the trend line was flat then this winter would be a statistical anomaly. However, the trend line points upwards so winters are getting warmer, year on year.

"But," the sceptics say, "there were ice fairs on the Thames in the middle ages and the Romans cultivated wine grapes all over England." That is meant to be proof that the climate changes and we should be grateful for the increased warmth. Climate does change, over long periods of time not in decades as we are seeing now.

"More warmth means less heating fuel used and longer growing seasons are good for our farmers," say the sceptics. Try saying that to our pensioners who die of heat exhaustion during the summer or to Australian farmers who haven't seen water for years and haven't grown anything this year.

Oceanic islands are disappearing under the sea and bio-diversity is in decline throughout the world all because of our impact on the climate. It is selfish to want global warming to heat your country just because you can no longer squeeze your obese backside into an airliner for your yearly visit to the Mediterranean.

A warmer winter in the temperate zone is an unbearable one in the tropical zone. "Tourists" from the tropics might be coming here for good if the planet heats up too much.

BBC - Winter 'second warmest on record'

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