We are to blame

The certainty may "only be 90%" but even so that means that we are responsible for most of the warming of the planet. Yes, the earth has been warmer and much colder but that was a natural process over many thousands of years. Tipping a balance this fast is a journey into the unknown.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report has just been published and can be found here. It details a list of recommendations for curing the planet's ills. However, when a body is infected by a cancer the best solution is to cut it out. Whoever heard of a virus being trained to be good and left in the body? We are both the problem and the cure. That makes things rather difficult.

The sad fact is that nobody will do anything about global warming because it goes against "everything we believe in". We demand food from all over the world, no matter what the season. Travelling across the globe to infest a wholesome culture with our loathsome one in the name of holidaying/vacationing. At the whim of a capitalist jobs are moved around the planet without regard just to wring the last cent out of a profit margin.

Our politicians are laughable. Whilst jumping on the environmental bandwagon they constantly espouse constant (infinite) economic growth. It's this growth that is killing the planet. Growth requires resources. The felling of forests, the burning of fossil fuels. We are cutting down that which absorbs the carbon from the burning of the other. Without trees we fill the atmosphere with the greenhouse gases that are overheating the planet.

The fact is our population is at an unsustainable 6.5 billion. It is admirable for every country in the world to want for its citizens all that we in the west take for granted. But if that many people all want the same as the average North American then that American is going to be a dead person because we will all be dead.

Personally, I think it is too late. There is a dash for the last half of the oil. The rainforests of South America will soon be gone. Africa is close to unleashing its entire population as migrants upon the rest of the planet. Asia's population is sucking up the world's resources faster than they can be provided. North America and Europe doesn't know what to do.

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