We need a replacement for commies

Terrorists, anthrax, bird flu, peak oil and wars over water supply. We breathed a sigh of relief when the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union was dissolved.

Were there not terrorists, deadly bacteria and viruses, a knowledge of the finiteness of the world's resources prior to the 1990s? Sometimes I wonder if the news is not there to inform but to control.

Of course, I wouldn't be on the West Coast of Ireland if I didn't worry about sustainability or not wanting to work for the slave owning corporations in the cities.

I regard Islamic terrorism and resource depletion as a natural consequence of capitalism dehumanising the world. I hated working in the city and being referred to as a resource.

All I can do is live a wholesome life and hope that nature doesn't strike me down.

The Observer - Britain's bleak vision of the next decade

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