Is climate change inevitable?

So governments and their scientists are beginning to believe in global warming. Will it make a difference? Not if the human population keeps on rising because that will negate anything the current 6.5 billion cut back on. And not if our governments continue to chant the mantra of infinite economic growth. They think they live in an imaginary world with infinite resources to give to an infinitely large population everything it could ever dream of.

Face facts the only way to avert catastrophe and keep the do-gooders happy is to reduce the population down to 1.5 billion. Then, totally remodel our economies so that they are sustainable and based on 100% recyclable goods. Tall order? You bet. Going to happen. When hell freezes over. Double order of factor 100 sunblock for me.

BBC - 'Now or never' for climate action

Guardian - Climate change: scientists warn it may be too late to save the ice caps

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