The Michelin Challenge Bibendum eco-car event

This year the event is held in Shanghai and showcases the latest in green cars.

Looking at some of the Chinese number plates, I would hate to get caught up in an accident. "What was the registration of the offending vehicle?" says the policeman.

"Errr. Squiggle, squiggle, something that looked like a Christmas tree and squiggle."

I don't see any photos of people walking, as I did today. One mile to and from the shops sporting a t-shirt at 0C (32F). Bracing but green!

Guardian - Michelin's Challenge Bibendum eco-car event


MN said...

At least they are not making their biofuel from palm oil. I read recently about some global company (sorry can't for the life of me remember who) having researched the area decided not to do this as they realised that Palm Oil production is affecting animals and people quite badly. People are being run out of their homes by the companies setting up plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia and have dwindling food supplies as a result of it and Orang Utangs and Tigers are on the verge of extinction because of Palm Oil plantations there. You try hard to be green and then you find things like this out! It has made me read between every line I read now and if I not satisfied that there is a full list of "ingredients" that I can scan, I don't buy anymore, whether it is fuel or food or whatever!

James said...

You have a very sensible way of going about things.

Most people will not compromise their lifestyle but are in for a shock if they continue to act like that.