Eco-driving tips

You may have noticed the advertisement on the left of the screen. EcoDriving USA contains useful information on saving petrol whilst driving. The website also has an interesting simulation where you can test out your driving skills.

Autumn approaches

Tomorrow sees the autumnal equinox and then that is the end of what never really was the summer of 2008. Most people assume that global warming means Mediterranean temperatures in the UK. Global warming means nothing of the sort.

The south of Europe might become a parched desert but up here in the north of Europe there will be wet summers and mild winters. A warmer globe will put more water vapour into the atmosphere, which will come down as rain. So we can expect more flooding, more crop failures and miserable summers. Not so happy now, are you?

Well, I managed to grow a few kilos of potatoes this summer, in a very limited amount of space. You can read more about it on my Grow Your Own Veg blog. I grew lettuce too, which reduced my greens bill quite considerably.

Since March of this year I have been downsizing my belly, after downsizing my possessions. Six months ago I weigh about 16 stone (224 pounds or 101 kilos). I enjoy growing food but also preparing and eating it.

Looking down at the spare tyre around my belly, I realised that it was a waste of money. I was eating merely to satisfy an elevated metabolism that was only running an expanded stomach. The sudden leap in food prices brought things home to me.

Look at the news. Do you see the half-starved octogenarians in Africa? Realise that they have been like that for decades so obviously we don't need to eat as much as we think. Just because your stomach rumbles, it doesn't mean you need to shut it up.

Anyway, six months and plenty of weight training, stomach exercises, vegetables, glasses of water and stomach rumbles later, I am now at 13 stone (182 pounds or 82 kilos) and feel a lot more healthy and energetic. I probably have another stone to lose (14 pounds or 6 kilos) and then I can start eating a little more, whilst being sensible about portion sizes.

Farewell brothers Lehman

And, might I add, Merrill Lynch. More cheats puts out of business. Good! The US government didn't bail these banks out (as they did Fannie and Freddie) because they were "investment" (ie. gambling) banks. If members of the public face losing their savings then the government will help out. However, investment banks are no-good dens of snake oil merchants. Welcome to the real world chaps.

I don't like fat cats who pay themselves fat bonuses for doing nothing but gamble with someone else's money. I worked (and never again) in the financial arena and all I saw was banks swapping large sums of money. One side of the deal was a winner and the other a loser. Did the banks care if they were winners or losers? No. Simply because it's all down to luck. You win one day and you lose another. The banks make money on the bid/ask spread. The people for whom the money belongs to lose out on the spread but the banks don't care about that.

When you put your money on deposit at a bank you will get X% in interest. The banks have already locked in a little more for themselves so off goes your money to the gambling arenas. The banks hope that they are not totally incompetent and lose money on these gambles. If they do then market confidence turns against them. Down goes the share price. There's a run on deposits (if the bank has a retail arm), only the bank has put most of its chips on black 13 so not everyone gets their deposits bank. Hence queues outside the bank, a further fall on the banks shares in the stock market and it is (as the Italians would say, "banco rupto" (from where we get bankruptcy).

No wonder Jesus went ape when he saw money lenders in the temple and why Islamic banks aren't supposed to lend people money. We dummies in the west just print loads of notes, throw them to the four winds and hope our children's children can pay back the debt. We buy oil from the middle east and just about everything else from the far east. Our banks and institutions go belly up and so, to raise money, our banks and institutions sell themselves to sovereign wealth funds. These funds are huge piles of our cash sitting in the middle east and far east. The result? Our children can't afford houses and foreigners now own the west where our children will have to scrape a living in.

It's a case of selling off the family silver. Banks need to make money or go under. They invented weird and wonderful financial instruments out of nothing to buy and sell from each other. These instruments have no value. Our central banks print worthless money to underpin this corrupt system. We use these worthless notes as IOUs to buy things of value from the middle east and the far east. People in the middle east and far east use these IOUs to take the west from under our feet.

Why aren't we in open revolt and hanging our leaders in the streets? Just shut up, order another pizza and keep watching the television.

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At long last

I have been rather busy recently but here is a post to keep you going...

New rules are being proposed to restrict migrant workers entering the country and then claiming citizenship.

It's about time this was done. The current chaos is all the fault of the middle-class. The middle-class consists merely of working class people who have more than average wealth. The first thing they do, on acquiring wealth, is to move to middle-class housing and then to go out of their way to avoid their own (working class) citizens.

The middle-classes then go on to employ overseas workers, using the lie that they work harder. The truth is that they work more cheaply. Imported labour does not have the overheads of indigenous labour. Often, imported labour is paid cash and pays no tax. Indigenous labour has to service a mortgage, taxes and a pension so of course indigenous labour has to be made paid more. Middle-class people would prefer to pay next to nothing to imported labour so they can afford to go on their wasteful holidays abroad and second, third and fourth cars.

All this adds up to a disaffected working class population. In effect the middle-class is building an army of disaffected working-class citizens who are going to get more and more angry until the middle-class gets wiped out when the anger of the working-class boils over. No wonder there are troublesome youths and dysfunctional families. A more cohesive society would not have permitted this.

The news is on the television and the usual middle-class claptrap can be heard. "But where are the health workers going to come from?" Train unemployed UK citizens you idiots.

The new immigration rules (which will only be implemented when the current ghastly socialist government is turfed out of office) will permit for a more sustainable population. At present the population level is far beyond a sustainable level. We cannot provide feed and fuel the entire population. The nation lacks social cohesion with all-sorts living for themselves and not for one national goal.

It's good to see others catching up with my thoughts and airing their views. About time too!

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