It's only a little snow

I took a couple of books, I sold on Amazon, to the post office. I walked through the park and it was full of children sledging down the hill. School had been cancelled due to the 'bad weather' but there was barely an inch of snow on the ground.

When I was at school (the same school as the children I saw today) I never had one day off due to bad weather. Back in the 1970s, it snowed for weeks and we often had to dig our way out. Now, it hardly ever snows in winter but these days we have the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) sticking its nose in to everyone's business so it no doubt put a stop to education for the duration.

On the way home, I walked by a different route. The road had been gritted and was clear of snow so I walked on the road and not the icy pavement. I passed many people who looked at me but carried on slipping their way along the pavement. I don't know what is wrong with this world where everyone conforms all the time. If a car approached me then I just stepped off the road until it passed and then continued my walk on the road.

In the news the country seems to be paralysed and yet there is ONLY 1 INCH OF SNOW! In Northumberland, a remote county in Northern England, (where I had assumed everyone was rather hardy) a village is cut-off. The gas mains failed so everyone in the village had to be given free electric heaters. The moment they all switched on their heaters, the local power sub-station failed so now the village has no electricity either.

The villagers complained of being cold and of not being able to cook. Whatever happened to wood fires for heating and cooking? You would think that villagers in the countryside would have the skills to look after themselves in trying times. I can knock up a wood gas stove in 30 minutes. I can cook and keep warm with it.

Makes you wonder how this country will cope in future years if people in the countryside, as well as in urban areas, struggle to look after themselves when everything is not handed to them on a plate.

And cope they will have to. This recession is blamed on a "credit crunch" but that is only part of the problem. Since we reduced our consumption the price of oil has fallen. If our economies recover then so will the price of energy and we will hit our head on another recession creating, energy price ceiling.

Better to learn a few self-reliance skills now than to be fighting others over a few scraps in the future.

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IƱigo said...

James, here in Spain we have the same situation: villagers complain for not being able to get out of home for 24 hours! When those people used to be locked in for weeks not so long ago! We are so much interlocked, and dependent of cheap energy prices, and of motor vehicles, and of "personal safety" that doing anything is becoming more and more extrange.
I thing that the HSE chief executive is not guilty of what he does, in fact he only reflects what society want him to do: safety first! Even if it means a lot of stupid preventive measures.
This crisis at the bottom is linked to the energy model, and will keep on coming back until we change it.