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The BBC (socialist propaganda machine) asked the question, "Will Obama's stimulus plan work?"

My answer was

I don't want the stimulus plan to work.

If it succeeds then it will give people the confidence to return to their old ways.

I want a total collapse of this failed system so that we can build a different one.

At a time of diminishing resources, borrowing from the future is no longer an option. We may get through this recession but eventually a recession will come where there is nothing left of the future to borrow from.

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BBC Have Your Say - Will Obama's stimulus plan work?


IƱigo said...

The only problem is that if the system collapses as it is, those who are at the bottom will suffer most. It is the poor who are taking the worst part and will take even worse.
We need a total reshape, but who has the guts to start rationing carbon credits, raw materials coupons etc.? Not to think of cava assets...

I'd like to add that the BBC and the majoritiy of the media are not ways of socialist propaganda, but very capitalist hard - liner speakers. Besides, only the more liberal media have given any credit to climate and enviromental crisis.
I don't know in whic part of the ideological spectrum New Labour is now, but surely NOT socialist. Not even reformist social democratic. What a pity.

James said...

The truly poor would not have far to fall. Those in the west who think they are poor are not as poor as others.

For someone like me, who can't abide socialism, there are no shades of red. It all has to go.

But yes, New Labour is not socialist. Not even a political party. Just a lobby group for anyone with deep pockets.

PS - My bottle of cava was a gift. I didn't like it sitting there, reminding of my profligate past, so down it went.

Linda said...

I understand your message but the poor would lose more than anyone else. does not hurt to express your opinions cause we can! :)

st-ouennais said...

I think you are broadly thinking the right way. But its not totally a binary situation. I do worry that the stimulus package if it worked would mean people continuing their old material consumption ways. If however the outcome was a growth of knowledge and other non-material benefits then it might be highly valuable and very welcome. What I can't resolve is whether we can get the one without the other