Okay, now it's 6 inches of snow and rising

Still, it's not going to stop me from walking to the supermarket for my weekly £7 worth of shopping.

Recession, hundreds of Chinese factories close, millions of Chinese workers unemployed, far less pollution in China and over here we get a winter like the good old days.

A single volcano puts enough emissions into the atmosphere to alter the global climate. What happens when a decade of Chinese economic activity comes to a halt? China's emissions over the past 10 years must equal many hundreds of volcanoes. Enough to warm the planet on its own.

Just throwing an idea into the air.


Anonymous said...

i'd be interested to see a copy of your weekly shopping list. I guess you must plan your meals in advance.

Axel said...

How do you get enough fresh fruit and veg on the £7.00/week budget, especially in the winter?.
Do you recommend keeping a spreadsheet on food spending and/or an annual food budget allocation?.

I remember reading about WW2 rationing, the article stated how the population was much healthier on the wartime diet.
Such a diet would save people and healthcare systems a lot of money.

James said...

I'll answer both questions in one go.

Of course, the answer is to grow your own vegetables. I am still eating potatoes, onions and carrots grown last year. Seed costs very little, nothing if you allow some of your crop to go to seed. I haven't bought seed potatoes for 6 years, I just keep enough potatoes from last year for this year's crop.

I bought a 22 kilo sack of rice last April and still have plenty of it.

Also, as I have mentioned previously, I am on a low calorie diet until my weight hits 11st. I am currently on about 1500 calories per day. My £7 per week will probably rise to £10 per week when I stop dieting.

I eat apples everyday. There are cheap and filling. I also drink orange juice and dilute it a little.

I buy flour and make my own cakes and soda bread. I don't eat too much bread though.

I plan my meals a week in advance. I look at what I have and design different twists depending on what herbs and spices I have. I grow herbs too. They can be dried for the winter.

I buy cheap cuts of meat but have generally cut down on meat eating. I save bones and make stock for soups and casseroles.

I make sure to buy stuff that is reduced in price and visit the bargain shelf of the supermarket. However, I do not buy something because it is reduced. I only buy if it is needed for the week's menu. I don't get caught in the 2 for 1 traps left around supermarkets. I always take a list and only buy what is needed.

I have collected blackberries, cherries, hazelnuts and sweet chestnuts from the park and surrounding countryside.

Above all I have realised that I ate too much. I have stopped snacking between meals and have replace it with water drinking. Straight out of the tap, no buying water.

I am not a complete killjoy. I brew my own cider.

I feel a lot healthier than I was. My knee joints no longer hurt from the excess weight. Circulation problems gone. Racing heart, gone. High cholesterol level, greatly reduced.

I used to spreadsheet every aspect of my spending but I put a stop to it. I have (in other peoples' eyes) a problem with numbers.

Martin in Bulgaria said...

This is the first time I looked at your site and I must say I love your ideal. You wuld love it in rural Bulgaria with you way of current living (I'm a englsh expat livng there right now)

I can relate lot so of what your write about and will be following you as from now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts that are in tandum with many.