Don't chuck that broken umbrella!

With winter fast approaching there are often blustery showers. Because of high winds you will, more often than not, see broken umbrellas discarded in bins or on the roadside. There is no need to throw away a broken umbrella because it is so easy to fix.

The most common failure points on an umbrella are the little rivets holding the component parts of the stretchers together. All you need, to fix the stretchers, is some wire, a pair of scissors and a sailing knot.

You will need a 6-inch piece of enamelled wire, enamelled so that it doesn't rust in the wet. Not too thick a piece of wire that you can't get enough wraps from it and not too thin that it is too weak to hold the stretcher together in a wind. Now, don't go buying wire, we are meant to be recycling and reusing. Open up the mains cable in some old appliance you no longer use and look for some free wire in there.

Next, match up the rivet holes of the two pieces of broken stretcher and pass the wire through the holes. Wrap the wire around and thread through again.

Keep doing so until there is no more room for more wraps of wire. Do two half-hitches (look it up here) with the wire. Trim the two ends of the wire to about half an inch in length. Twist the ends of the wire together and then tuck them away. Job done!

Now go outside and rejoice by imitating Gene Kelly.


Anonymous said...

I picked up a short piece of aluminium electric cable on one of my walks, one strand of which is just the right diameter to pass through the hinge holes. I repair broken umbrella hinges by cutting a short piece and tapping the ends so they bulge out like a rivit so the piece can't come out of the hole.


James said...

That's an excellent use of discarded materials.