UK government no better than Gadaffi or Mubarak

Earlier this year our government praised middle eastern people for using the Internet in its fight against middle-eastern dictators. Whenever possible the dictators would switch off the Internet to stop access, by the people, to websites such as Twitter and Facebook where they could organise themselves.

Now, the UK government wants to copy the dictators and switch off access to certain parts of the Internet when it suits them. They say it is to stop looting. However, as with the previous Labour government, this plan will be interpreted as the government sees fit.

The previous Labour government arrested green activists for "pre-crimes" and getting in the way of corporations looting the environment. Who is to say the current government won't deactivate the Internet whenever it pleases?

Two days ago, stations in the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit in San Francisco) had their mobile networks switched off to "prevent protests".

Any excuse to stifle the people and protect the looting bankers, corporations and politicians.

BBC - Social networks to meet home secretary over riots

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