The UK is Shit - Everyone for themselves!

The BBC reports that London has shanty towns though you won't be able to comment on the news story because you might say something against the multi-cult and the BBC doesn't like that.

Asians looking to make more money out of the UK, build shacks at the bottom of their gardens and rent them out to a never ending stream of illegal immigrants.

London, one of the richest cities in the world, is little more than a toilet for the countries of the world to flush their detritus into

If Indian families can afford £10,000 to send a son to the UK for a so-called better life then why not use the money to keep him where he is? £10,000 will last a lifetime in India, it won't last long in the UK. The indigenous poor of the UK would love to have £10,000.

What has the multi-cult done for this country? Ghetto-ised it. When I once worked on Long Island, New York, I was shown around a few towns by a colleague. In every town he pointed out which race lived in which part of each town. There was no mixing.

I thought to myself, "How awful. I couldn't live like that." And yet our political masters have created a UK that is now no different to the US. Colonies of nationalities and races, dotted around the UK, doing their own thing with little regard for others.

I won't apologise for being an atypical greeny. I call a turd a turd when I see one and that is what the UK is.

It doesn't matter who you vote for, you will get the same idiots in power. Idiots who are in the pockets of the corporations, for whom the only watchword is profit.

Corporations will always turn a blind-eye to illegal immigration because the next wave of immigrants will always work more cheaply than the preceding one.

The ruling class has given up on the rest of us. If immigrants separate themselves from the rest of society then we need to separate ourselves from government, be more self-reliant and make of this country what we want of it ourselves.

BBC - The illegal immigrants desperate to escape squalor of Britain


Anonymous said...

Yes I agree wholeheartedly the UK is indeed a cesspit

the only thing left to do is migrate and leave this toilet for the degenerate scum

David Murphy said...

The historic upper classes have bent the capitalist system, largely in the USA, to fit into the UK. England and Wales in particular are only a colony...the last colony left of what used to be the Anglo-American British Empire. Having Indians in a northern town, or Bangladeshis in East London, is no different to them, to ruling them in India. In fact, you and I and 99.5% of the UK pop are Indians, a subservient population with few rights borne out ofvthis country and a sizeable minority who are only to willing to support and assist in managing the last colony.
The UK is a dead place, to get any peace and quiet, decent public services, human rights or self respect one has to move to Europe. And I agree entirely with Anonymous's last comment.
For example there is NO rail link now to the West of England, which must be a national disgrace. Any other European state would have laid down an inland high speed line about thirty years ago, and therecwould be second or third generation, super fast, super comfortable, super reliable modern spacious express trains running down to Truro at least. Has anybody been on a Western train from Paddington, or anh of that mean pinched service from Waterloo? Multiply that by 1000 and yoh have a picture of the entire country.
Me I am off to Spain in a year's time. It is not just the great climate pulling me there!