A visit to the doctor

One has "Work Related" Arthritis. If you know me then like myself you would have been trying desperately not to laugh when the doctor diagnosed it to me this morning.

Obviously, this arthritis is not related to the couple of years I worked in The City. More likely the arthritis is related to all the digging, hammering and other tool related work that I have done since retiring from corporate life.

As you strike or collide with a less than forgiving object your bones are thrust together and the cartilidge gradually wears away. My hands and elbows now have a constant baseline level of pain.

The doctor suggested Glucosamine HCL but from what I read that could well be a placebo and I am not going to fork out £50 plus per year on a placebo.

Nothing is going to stop my vegetable gardening, DIY-ing and general bodging so I will just have to live with it until it is time to unlive with it.

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Old She dragon said...

The Azadas on the get digging web site are good for digging your veg garden with less effort. Once you get the technique they are much quicker than a spade,I got mine after watching a video of some very elderly chinese ladies (100+) digging their vegetable gardens .

If you have a wheel hoe it can save a lot of wear and tear on your joints. They are cheap on ebay if you are willing to go and collect.
Mine has a plough and digging teeth aswell as the hoe .

There is a guy in the US who makes his own called the Planet Whizbang .

I got myself a seeder too which is very handy for getting rows of beans in evenly and means you don't have to get down on your knees for the smaller seeds.