Blackbird singing in the dead of night

There's been a male blackbird singing his guts out on my roof top for the past two months. No doubt looking for a mate. However, he isn't getting any.

I can understand his plight but then I am now officially a decrepid old man and should accept my fate.

I can see where the blackbird is going wrong, his song list is very old fashioned. And, to be quite frank, his song sounds a little gay when in flight. He comes across as a bit of a whoopsy. Faults that aren't going to pick up any birds.

A few weeks ago there was another male a few roof tops away whose repetoir included mobile phone impersonations. He scored and is now at it in a recently built nest.

I am sure there are lots of morals to be learned from this story.

Note - Irate liberals, socialists and the bbc should address all complaints about this post to...

13 WhoGivesAShit Lane
UR1 8U2


jon said...

I love your posts. I agree with them when I'm in my most extreme sense, but most of all it's a very logical counterpoint to all that we are told.

James said...

Thank you. Maybe I am not bonkers after all.

Actually, I hope I am bonkers. All those who think they are normal and do not question the status quo are the ones to watch out for.